It’s time to use adversity as opportunity. It’s time to see this current struggle as future strength. It’s time to evolve Brawl and refocus on the impetus of our impact - FOR A CAUSE.



Through Challenge For A Cause, people from any walk of life can take on a personal development journey while running a campaign for a cause dear to them - all with the support of their friends and family! The challenge and cause you choose are 100% unique to you - any goal that would help improve your lifestyle, fitness, or self-confidence is a great start. Want to run a marathon, or overcome a fear of public speaking? We will set you up for success!

First, you'll create your campaign on Givebutter. Then, you can raise funds to achieve your goal and raise awareness about your cause through our platform. We will take care of monitoring donations and tech support while you champion a cause that you believe in.


Work better in a team? Collaborate For A Cause is the program for you. Our platform will enable you to find people in your community with the same passions as you. Work together with your team to assist underserved parts of your community, establish and grow advocacy groups, and much more!

Through our program leaderboards, you can track the progress of other campaigns to gain inspiration. We are here to equip you with the tools you need! 



Nothing beats a good-old-fashioned competition. Through Compete For A Cause, our participants face off for the right to support a cause important to them. Whether its an eSports game on a virtual battleground, an intense best-of-7 tennis match, or a brain-on-brain battle of the wits in Chess, there is no stronger motivator than the thrill of competition.

Competitors will raise funds and awareness while training or preparing for their ultimate face-off. On that big day, the winner of the competition gives the lion's share (60%) of both participants' donation funds to give to a charitable organization of their choice.


Brawl For A Cause is our flagship program. The ultimate challenge and the toughest competition culminates in a collaboration of first-time boxers squaring up to fight for what they believe in. 

First-time boxers begin a strict 6-week training regiment to prepare their bodies and minds for a massive boxing bout. Leading up to fight night, they spread awareness around a cause important to them to friends and family. In 2020, we watched Justin Miller, fighting for youth kinetic development, and Jon Kolowich, fighting for diabetes research, go at it in front of our largest crowd to date!